As the ocean begins to change around her, one young trilobite sets off with a band of friends on a journey across the Panthalassic Ocean to solve the ancient prophecy of her species:

"The trilobites cannot live, but will not die..."

CTown recently completed our second year of development on Riddle of the Trilobites as part of the New Victory LabWorks at The New Victory Theater.  Riddle of the Trilobites is an epic, puppet-filled musical adventure set underwater 500 million years ago, it tells the story of the ancient ocean’s dominant species -- trilobites -- as a major geological shift threatens their existence.  With humor and songs, the play explores family, loss, and our connection to and impact on our planet.

We culminated the end of our residency with a workshop presentation in June, 2016.  Amanda Villalobos designed and fabricated the puppets for the workshop with funding provided by The Jim Henson Foundation.  For a photo gallery of the puppets created for our workshop, CLICK HERE!  

If you are interested in hearing more about the development of this show or if you are interested in bringing this show to your theatre, please reach out to us. 

Riddle of the Trilobites has received support from The Dramatist GuildThe New York State Council on the Arts as well as The Jim Henson Foundation -- click here to read more.

Check out the LabWorks website, and read about the residency announcement in the NY Times.



We are thrilled to announce CollaborationTown has received a commission to make a new, collaboratively devised play for LCT3, Lincoln Center Theater's new play initiative. Keep your eyes peeled for more details soon about what we'll be working on. Click here to read about LCT3.