Riddle of the Trilobites

Music by Nicholas Williams. Book by Geo Decas O’Donnell & Jordan Seavey. Lyrics by Geo Decas O'Donnell, Jordan Seavey & Nicholas Williams. Directed by Lee Sunday Evans

To the right you'll find demo tracks Riddle of the Trilobites, a puppet-filled, all-ages musical set underwater, 500 million years ago. It's an engrossing adventure story about how Trilobites responded to major ecological changes that threatened their existence. With the fate of her kind on her armored shoulders, one young Trilo named Aphra sets off on an epic journey with her best friends to find out if the ocean really is changing, and how to solve an ancient riddle that will tell them how to go forward into the future.

The actors on these demo tracks are Jordan Barbour, Julia Rose Duray, Sifiso Mebena, Mia Pak, Phillip Taratula, Emily Walton and our composer, Nicholas Williams.