CollaborationTown is 10 years old!

That means puberty is around the corner and we’re going to need your support to get through those awkward preteen years, so why not consider donating $20?  

>If you have never donated to CollaborationTown before:

Welcome! We ask that you consider a modest donation of $20.  

(10 for the past & 10 to grow on!)

>If you have donated to CollaborationTown in the past:

Please consider upping your annual gift by $10.



Q: I want to increase my annual gift by $10 but I don't remember how much I gave last time?! 

A:  First things first, don't panic.  Contact us at and we will happily find that information for you!

Q: What if I want CollaborationTown to go on for more than just another 10 years?

A: It's a dollar for each year, so say you want to see CollaborationTown producing funny, socially conscious, open-hearted, ensemble-based theatre for another 30 years that would be a donation of $40.  Another 40? That's a donation of $50. What if you want us to break all laws of space and time and keeping make theatre for another 160 years?! Well, that's a donation of $170. We also think you should consider asking CollaborationTown to produce for a million more years -- at $1,000,010! 


Q: What is this donation going towards?

A:  We have some exciting projects coming up in Fall 2014... but we can't talk about them yet... so stayed tuned! In addition, we hope to put some money into organizational building – sexy things like…  accounting software, paying for an audit so we can apply for other grants, and travel expenses to continue touring The Momentum.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your generosity means the world to us!