Before Mother Courage there was Mother LaMadre. In THE DEEPEST PLAY EVER, an unrivaled masterpiece of modern dramatic writing, our antiheroine Mother LaMadre and her rag-tag crew drag their wagon through the Fifth World War and the post-post-apocalyptic wasteland that is New Europe. Together they must navigate all the pitfalls (and rewards) of the dramatic art of drama to find the few remaining books the art-abolishing Evil Empire have yet to destroy and maybe, just maybe, find a way to replace violence with art. If the zombies don't eat them first.  

by Geoffrey Decas O’Donnell
music by Michael Wells
lyrics by Geoffrey Decas O'Donnell, Jordan Seavey and Michael Wells
directed by Lee Sunday Evans and Jordan Seavey

Jordan Barbour*, Carly Cioffi, Nick Choksi*, John Halbach*, Boo Killebrew*, Geoffrey Decas O’Donnell, Chinasa Ogbuagu*, Phillip Taratula*, Emily Walton* and TJ Witham

set, props, and puppets by Deb O
costumes by Nikki Moody
lighting by Nick Houfek
sound by Brandon Wolcott
music direction by Michael Wells
associate music direction by Nicholas Williams
percussion by Teddy Lytle
stage management by Kaitlin Nemeth
graphic design by Derek Rippe
publicity by Ron Lasko/Spin Cycle NYC
creatively line produced by Amanda Feldman