Morgan Nickelfleck Gladystone wasn't exactly voted Most Popular upon graduating elementary school, but as she enters 6th grade she finally finds a rag-tag gang of misfit friends.  But this is junior high, so algebra comes along with fluctuating sexuality, eating disorders, groping teachers, guns, school bombings, nuclear fallout, and, most dangerous of all, love.  Will they be lucky enough to escape the adults around them -- and their own adolescence -- in one piece?  Come find out in a comedy so dark it puts the "fun" in dysfunctional and the "Cher" in Chernobyl. 

by Jordan Seavey
directed by Scott Ebersold

October 30 - November 21, 2009  

The Living Theatre
21 Clinton Street (between Houston and Stanton)

featuring Rachel Craw*, Geoffrey Decas, John Halbach*, Drew Hirschfield*, Boo Killebrew*, Susan Louise O'Connor*, Jay Potter*, and Jennifer Dorr White*

sets by David Newell
costumes by Nikki Moody
lighting by Scott Bolman
sound by Brandon Wolcott and Daniel Kluger
choreography by Boo Killebrew
assistant direction by Kyle Fox
stage management by Liz Richards*
projection design by Zoë Woodworth
graphic design by Derek Rippe
production photography by Jeanette Orlić
press by SPIN CYCLE/Ron Lasko
produced by TJ Witham