Lonely teenagers Mark and John find solace in cyberspace. But when the chatroom is invaded by a very naughty schoolgirl, a rapist who thinks he's Jesus, a sex-starved secret agent, and a string of grisly murders, Mark is forced to question everything he knows...

text by Jordan Seavey
direction by Matthew Hopkins

February 9 - 24, 2007

featuring Julia Lowrie Henderson, Boo Killebrew, Ryan Purcell, Max Rosenak*, Daniel Walker Stowell, and Phillip Taratula*

created and produced by CollaborationTown
producing support by Jesica Avellone, Terri Gabriel, and TJ Witham
stage management by Robin Ganek*
associate direction by Carly Cioffi
dramaturgy by Jill Rafson
costumes by Leon Dobkowski
lighting by Mike Riggs
set by Geoffrey Decas
sound by Brandon Wolcott
graphic design by Meghan Carey
photography by Anna Tucker

"Jordan Seavey evokes the illustory, isolating and weirdly disempowering aspects of Internet-only communication in 6969...the production is vigorously acted and crisply directed making the venturesome young outfit CollaborationTown worth adding to your buddy list."
~ David Cote, TimeOut New York

"...a marvelous adaptation of the frenzy and paranoia of the Internet...excellent direction and delightfully spry writing." 
~ Aaron Riccio, New Theater Corps

"...another example of the riveting, immediate style of indie theater that is becoming CollaborationTown's trademark."
~ Martin Denton, nytheatre/New York Theatre Experience